Thursday, January 21, 2010

painting the sky

by Maria Kelly

today the sky is too blue and too bright for me it is far too blue and far too bright to reflect my despair and pain i’d like to reach up and seize hold of it by its corners and drag it down to earth where i would splatter it all over with shades of rainy gray and melancholy black and dirty brown then throw it back up so you would see it and know what you’ve done to me


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. This poem so perfectly reminds me of my days of being clinically depressed--those bright, sunny days were always so alienating, their beauty and "happiness" setting off my pain even more. I love the idea of dragging the sky down to earth and "splatter"ing it with gray, black, brown. Love the rhythm of this piece and the barely controlled rage in the last lines.

Michelle said...

Ah yes! you've captured so much dispare in this - I love it :)

Jim_Wisneski said...

Thanks Maria for submitting to Soft Whispsers!


Maria A. Kelly said...

Thank you for giving me my first published piece of work. I am happy that it was so well received. My heart is light and smiling. I love what you are doing with this online magazine.