Friday, September 24, 2010

Time vs. Life... Claudette Young

(part 5 of 5 for feature week)

Experts say that time is without

measure, infinite. I cannot argue with

Logic that can’t be disputed.

Nevertheless, time is measured in

Days, and months, and years; a

Situation which should never have

Arisen. Time should be measured

In the amount of life one can

Capture within a single breath.

Life and living is all that time

For us entails. So many people live

For tomorrow without realizing

That one lives only today since

Tomorrow can never reach the

Doorstep of the midnight sun.

However, the question of what is

Life rears up, causing a certain

Stir of confusion. I can only

Answer the question by saying...

Life is a baby’s smile or cry.

It watches a child’s first step

Toward understanding. It

Surrounds one’s mind with all the

Knowledge it can hold. Life sees a

Flower bloom and the rainbow

After a summer shower. It learns

To cry in compassion for

Fellow men. Life learns to love

Deeply and quietly within

The mind and soul without

Asking for return of that love.

Life hears the wails of pain

From those who starve and thirst

From loneliness. Life kisses

And caresses a loved one.

Life touches an elder.

It is love, peace, and honor. But

Above all else, life is God, for

He alone was the unknown genius

Who created its body.

These occurrences are life –

All of which can be contained

Within a sunbeam. Because of what

Life is, time and all its measurements

Are unimportant, irrelevant and

Totally immaterial. Because, you see,

One experiences Life, not Time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cycles... Claudette Young

(part 4 of 5 of feature week)

Time measures

Life’s pleasures,

Gentle birth

Less Death’s mirth.

Walking tall

Seeing small.

Man arises

Time chastises.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spirit Walk... Claudette Young

(part 3 of 5 for feature week)

Walking paths of shadow

Timeless in my effort,

Gliding along, hearing

The wind rustle grasses

In fields waiting fallow.

Gently do I wander,

Trails of dimmer needing,

A hunter among masses.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Voices... Claudette Young

(part 2 of 5 for feature week)

Enshrouding mist of dream time

Whisper secrets never heard,

Give pause to thought more sublime

Of roofless palaces unlearned

Waiting, breathless, listening

To sighs teaching lessons real,

Heart’s demands always demanding

Desires fulfilled, needs repeal

Illusion, leaving behind pleasure

In shifting sands under sky’s azure.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Bang... Claudette Young

(part 1 of 5 for her feature week!)

Ending here, ending now,

Finish truth but how

The void fills the soul,

Atoms create the whole

Energy sparks abound,

Breeding, feeding, profound. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Resurrection... Jim Bronyaur & Laura Ebohon

(final day of feature week!)

(Jim Bronyaur)

…do they come back?

Inked letters –

hacked to paper

what story do they carry… tell…

Does a softer ground mean more

- than a frozen one?

Is it a misty thought

(or spirit)

That comes…

A soft touch on the back of your neck

or the lost wandering up a cement drive…

I’m back. I’m here. I’m ready.

(Laura Ebohon)

Layers of tainted skin

like gathered fabric

pleated by time into ruffles of sin,

where guilt slowly infiltrated

subtle, endless needles

sewing yarn of sorrow and regrets...

Fragile conscience,

Blind to the spiritual nature

of forgiveness,

Holy gift of departing memories from pain

Looking for the guidance of divine power

holding on to the belief that beyond Life

on the other side of these walls of Time,

over the bridge of Death,

under these dark tunnels of crimes,

through the maze of convictions,

there are eternal flames of Love,

and the possibility of Salvation...

In an ethereal journey back to Life

running through green fields of peace

swimming in calm seas of wonder

passing by streets of celestial calm

where we talk without words

we see the invisible

we breath eternity

In the screaming light of Resurrection!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life... Jim Bronyaur

(part 4 of 5 of feature week with Laura Ebohon)



(to understand all that will remain unknown).

The time has started…

(it’s also losing breath by breath –

and someday you’ll learn to appreciate that –

once you get closer to that last one…)

Yes, the blood may be existed

but it’s the celebration of innocence.

(and innocent).

It’s the fresh eyes of the “new” –

those too (two) are in such a way given life.


The sounds outside –

and inside –

they all add up to something greater than we can ever understand.

Like the changing winds that push and pull seasons

Like the rolling clouds bringing picture and thunder

Like the other skies… long fingers spin and big eyes mean.

But this… only this… just this…

This… this is life.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life... Laura Ebohon

(part 3 of 5 of the feature week with Jim Bronyaur)

Growth of tissues

covered in a membrane of surreal events,

mother cell of multicellular layers

procreation of reflections,

vegetative production of wishes...

In that room

suspended between life and whispers,

surrounded by cell walls,

beating of hearts and pulsing of souls,

through the net of little holes of hope

thick thread-like organisms,

Breaths and a feverish search for happiness

anxiously determined by the conjectures of time

when pain strikes like poison


locking doors,

relegating desires,

creating divisions.

Like a deep chasm between conscious being

and unconscious dreaming

connecting again

through the bridge of destiny,

eye lids shut

freezing images

in departments of never.


missed opportunities

and the strongest will

to see tomorrow's colorful rainbows

through rain drops of doubts

and whistling of winds...

Tilting against windmills!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Death... Jim Bronyaur
(part 2 of 5 of feature week w/ Laura Ebohon)

It’s been a good run…

As if bubbly rusted holes tear flesh away

As if the engine won’t start –

and all the little pieces break and shatter.

When the passing time deals its final winning hand

you aren’t the only one with fuzzy eyes…

but you do get the answer to the biggest mystery…

(what’s next?)

I can only imagine how feeble the feeling of failing must be –

to know IT’s coming… any second…

(breath in, breath out, breath in, breath…)

There is the trickster lurking –

the more evil hands of the clock

(the ones rubbing together –

creating sweat in the small lines of the hands –

as they reach for your neck…)

It happens more than you think.

(but so does good things…)

It happens more than you have ever thought about.

(it does.)

There will be a last good morning

There will be a last good night

There will be a last bloomed flower

- a last kiss

- a last moment you will never have back

I don’t make the rules.

I can only follow.

I am the piece of paper in the wind.

I am the autumn leaf that makes it through winter.

I am the blade of grass that will not be cut.

But no matter what I am or what I try

(or you)

Everything will end. Yes –

it will.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Death... Laura Ebohon

(part 1 of 5 for the feature week)

Curtains drop shut on this stage,

without the anticipation of a closing scene,

no hints, no premonitions...

A simple termination of all biological functions,

no words, no gestures

definitive extinction of breaths and hopes,

destruction of plans

left to blow in the wind of never.

Looking from the other side of consciousness

through holes in the wall of time

everything seems so small...

light, paper thin...

Tears are dry,

hands are cold,

Unknown voices all around

whispering secrets

no wish, no desire,

no saviour, no sin...

Immense space of nothing

only flashbacks of padded images and colors

without memory

wandering through dreams and reality

It all seems so far away,

existence and essence

ideas and abstractions.

Trying to reach those fields of colors,

getting caught by a lightning,

finding you,

entering the walls of your heart

where death dies again

it dissolves in the endless spirals of your embrace.