Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life... Laura Ebohon

(part 3 of 5 of the feature week with Jim Bronyaur)

Growth of tissues

covered in a membrane of surreal events,

mother cell of multicellular layers

procreation of reflections,

vegetative production of wishes...

In that room

suspended between life and whispers,

surrounded by cell walls,

beating of hearts and pulsing of souls,

through the net of little holes of hope

thick thread-like organisms,

Breaths and a feverish search for happiness

anxiously determined by the conjectures of time

when pain strikes like poison


locking doors,

relegating desires,

creating divisions.

Like a deep chasm between conscious being

and unconscious dreaming

connecting again

through the bridge of destiny,

eye lids shut

freezing images

in departments of never.


missed opportunities

and the strongest will

to see tomorrow's colorful rainbows

through rain drops of doubts

and whistling of winds...

Tilting against windmills!


Soft Whispers said...


You words are so simple and so powerful at the same time. You do with one word what takes me one line.


Anonymous said...


this is absolutely the nicest, most beautiful thing ever said to me as a writer... especially as it is coming from you, such a talented Artist, TY! Reading your "LIFE" has been an amazing experience, love the way you have used words and attributes to paint the scene of life including all forces & miracles of nature... they jump at me like flashes of incredible visions, GREAT one Jim!!!