Friday, September 24, 2010

Time vs. Life... Claudette Young

(part 5 of 5 for feature week)

Experts say that time is without

measure, infinite. I cannot argue with

Logic that can’t be disputed.

Nevertheless, time is measured in

Days, and months, and years; a

Situation which should never have

Arisen. Time should be measured

In the amount of life one can

Capture within a single breath.

Life and living is all that time

For us entails. So many people live

For tomorrow without realizing

That one lives only today since

Tomorrow can never reach the

Doorstep of the midnight sun.

However, the question of what is

Life rears up, causing a certain

Stir of confusion. I can only

Answer the question by saying...

Life is a baby’s smile or cry.

It watches a child’s first step

Toward understanding. It

Surrounds one’s mind with all the

Knowledge it can hold. Life sees a

Flower bloom and the rainbow

After a summer shower. It learns

To cry in compassion for

Fellow men. Life learns to love

Deeply and quietly within

The mind and soul without

Asking for return of that love.

Life hears the wails of pain

From those who starve and thirst

From loneliness. Life kisses

And caresses a loved one.

Life touches an elder.

It is love, peace, and honor. But

Above all else, life is God, for

He alone was the unknown genius

Who created its body.

These occurrences are life –

All of which can be contained

Within a sunbeam. Because of what

Life is, time and all its measurements

Are unimportant, irrelevant and

Totally immaterial. Because, you see,

One experiences Life, not Time.


R said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Great one, Clauds!



Claudsy said...

Thanks, Becca. Always nice to know that someone reads them. I wrote this one many years ago to try to explain to myself what the definition of life really was.


Marie Elena said...

Amazing.If all I had read was the last line of the final part, "One experiences Life, not Time," I would walk away feeling as though I'd just looked into the eyes of a wise and wonderful person.

And I have.

With love,
Marie Elena

Claudsy said...

Such a sweet comment. Thank you, my friend. You have always been there, from the very beginning of my serious assertion to write. You have had your hand in it, too, you know.

Blessings on you.


Claudsy said...

Don't ask me where that name came from. I honestly didn't know it was there until after it posted. Go figger.


Anonymous said...


This is an instant classic. Every word, every ideal true.
Thank you so much for writing what we need, and what many--such as myself--have not the capacity to say.
Absolutely beautiful.

Claudsy said...

Thank you, Anonymous. Sometime I open my mind and words come ut which might/might ot belong to me. I honestly can't say whether these words are mine or I was merely a convenient conduit.