Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life... Jim Bronyaur

(part 4 of 5 of feature week with Laura Ebohon)



(to understand all that will remain unknown).

The time has started…

(it’s also losing breath by breath –

and someday you’ll learn to appreciate that –

once you get closer to that last one…)

Yes, the blood may be existed

but it’s the celebration of innocence.

(and innocent).

It’s the fresh eyes of the “new” –

those too (two) are in such a way given life.


The sounds outside –

and inside –

they all add up to something greater than we can ever understand.

Like the changing winds that push and pull seasons

Like the rolling clouds bringing picture and thunder

Like the other skies… long fingers spin and big eyes mean.

But this… only this… just this…

This… this is life.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Love the way you have used words and attributes to paint the scene of life including all forces & miracles of nature... they jump at me like flashes of incredible visions, GREAT one Jim!!!