Tuesday, January 5, 2010


NEW submissions (updated 8/13/2010): Soft Whispers is looking for poetry, short stories, pictures, and art. There really isn’t much we won’t take a look at, so try us! We are looking for people who have enough material to do what we’re going to call “feature weeks”. These will done bi-weekly and the person will have five days and five pieces of work published. Could be just poetry OR mix it up a little… some poetry, some art, etc. AND we aren’t stopping there. We WANT to see collaborations. It would be really neat to see two people have a feature – maybe one poet and one artist? Maybe two poets writing about the same material? Please send all inquiries about feature weeks to SoftWhispersStuff@gmail.com with FEATURE in the subject line. Now, before we had accepted general poetry… but no longer. We want feature weeks. So, if you have a poem to submit, why not dig up (or write) four more and then submit? As you can see, these submissions are a bit shorter than the book they were before! Now, before anyone cringes or yells… YES, A Line at a Time & Pic 1 k will still be valid writing programs on Soft Whispers… but they too are coming with changes. Before, it was a pain with all the little rules and constantly changing the pictures, etc. that it drove people away from the programs and made it very hard on us to keep track of it. So we are throwing the rule book out the window and starting from scratch…
Pic 1 k – We’re keeping the name but changing everything about it. There will be a picture posted on the first of the month. It will stay put for two full months. Your job is to write WHATEVER YOU WANT about the picture. Write a story. Write a poem. Write a one liner… whatever. There are no word limitations and you can submit as much as you want. What we’re going to do is gather all the entries and the ones we accept, we will post on the off weeks that aren’t being used as feature weeks. (See how nice everything comes together!) Email your stories/poems to SoftWhispersStuff@gmail.com with PIC 1 K in the subject line.
A Line at a Time – A minor change here. The picture for ALAAT will be posted on the first of each month. Your job is to write one line about it and email it to us privately. Then we will gather the lines together and it will make a poem that we will post. Email you one lines to SoftWhispersStuff@gmail.com with A LINE AT A TIME in the subject line.
FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS: Include all the information you want shared. Name, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Your site… a short bio. Whatever. We want to make sure if your material is published, people will be able to find you!
GUESS WHAT? That’s it. It’s as simple as that. If anyone has any questions, email Jim at SoftWhispersStuff@gmail.com and put JIM in the subject line.


Clifton Hill said...

Hi, maybe I'm scanning through too quickly, but I fail to see what kind of genres of writing, poetry, art you are looking for. I could read through what is posted, but that would only identify the individual story, and not the range of what you are looking for.


Soft Whispers said...

We will look at anything!