Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Want a fun, non paying job?

I’m looking for regulars to write poetry for the blog. My goal is to get about ten dedicated people who can write at least one poem every two weeks. I want to have something posted on this blog everyday – something new. I am also willing to have people contribute art and short, 100 word stories to be posted on the blog too. (Yes, I’d still consider the work for the monthly issue!) The keyword here is dedicated. Does that mean you have to sign a contract in blood or anything? Of course not. But what I’m asking for honesty. If you jot down some verses on a daily basis or once a week and they are just lying around, why not share them? That’s all I’m looking to do. I have lots of poetry that I’d love to share with the world and I know there are others like me who have some pages sitting around collecting dust. As I said, a poem every two weeks works for me but by all means, the more the better. And the poetry could be anything. It could be a single line. It could be fifty lines. Hell, it could be a single word – if accompanied by a picture that captures the art of it. Anyway, if you feel you can at least contribute something – anything – at least once every two weeks, please email me personally at Jim@JimWisneski.com and let me know what you are interested in submitting. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible and hopefully we can get the ball rolling! Thanks – Jim

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Maria A. Kelly said...

Thanks, Jim. I'm flattered. I'm definitely thinking about it. Getting back into writing poetry has been fun for me!