Monday, January 25, 2010

The Ring in the Window


Jim_Wisneski said...

Here's the deal - see this pic above? Cool.

What comes to mind? Leave a comment. A sentence. A poem. A paragraph. It could be published in our monthly issue!


Maria A. Kelly said...

Forever by Maria Kelly

I promised forever.
Though your love slipped from my finger as
quietly as you slipped
from the world.
Still, forever I will wear it;
closer now to my heart than ever.
It is engraved there. It whispers there.

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Exposed by Cynthia Schuerr

A secret is meant
To be shared by two
So how long must we wait
To make it true
I would give a lifetime
To share with the world
My feelings for you
But who's to know
If our secret
Is hidden away
If we cannot tell
Of our love
Then what can it mean
To either of us

Jim_Wisneski said...


Thanks Maria and Cynthia!