Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Maria Kelly
I promised forever.
Though your love slipped from my finger as
quietly as you slipped from the world.
Still, forever I will wear it;
closer now to my heart than ever.
It is engraved there.
It whispers there.


Cynthia Schuerr said...

Maria, what lovely words. Your words tell me that no matter what, love can live on and on.

Maria A. Kelly said...

Thanks, Cynthia. I wore my husbands wedding band around my neck for years after he passed away. Eventually, I took it off and my own as I now contemplate moving forward. The ring has been off my finger for years, but every so often I think I still feel it there. Like a missing limb. That picture took me back there. I liked the way your poem spoke of a secret love. It made me think of Romeo and Juliet.

Michelle said...

that's just beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful Maria. Just lovely.

Maria A. Kelly said...

Thank you Michelle and Deanna. I appreciate your kind words. They give me so much encouragement.