Thursday, January 28, 2010


by Nishi It's just a smokescreen It's just a haze Sand and mist over my eyes Your eyes Illusions and mirages Since forever You have seen me You have walked with me Heard me Listened to my footfalls Carried my tears around in the pockets of your heart Broken memoirs and torn pictures Of my soul in a book In your arms And I you I struggled and bared my soul I bled into my tears My weaknesses are battle grounds for you to trample on I ran needles through my veins I prostituted my joys I gave you my eyes so you see colors like me I gave away my soul and stayed within this shell So you could hold on to me And you still don't know me like I do You still don't know me How do I forgive myself? How do I not walk away?


Michelle said...

Wow so much feeling - i love it!

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Nishi, this is absolutely beautiful and full of feeling.

Maria A. Kelly said...

This is pure, raw emotion. I love it!

Nishi said...

I am touched by all your comments. I am quite at a loss at what to say. It is a very personal poem, writing it was almost cathartic (as many of my poems are), and I am truly gratified that you like it so much.

Thanks so much.

- Nishi