Wednesday, January 6, 2010


by Angie Capozello Stars wheel overhead Like a flock of birds, Then scatter with the dawn. Yet each night they return To skydance in the darkness, Knowing time will win out And leave them as dust. Like the stars, I will stand, Unbroken, To stare down eternity Knowing that I will blink first.


ganymeder said...

I really liked this. Especially the last line. It reminds me a bit of Cyrano..."It's hopeless? Yes, I know, it's better when the fight's in vain!"

This was wonderful.

Marisa Birns said...

Stars and birds. Wonderful aesthetic and evocative quality here!

Sky dancing in the dark is lovely image.


Jim_Wisneski said...

"To stare down eternity
Knowing that I will blink first."

Makes me think of someone knowing they may not always win, but they're always going to try.


Thanks Angie for being apart of this project!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments!

I heard a saying once: "If you have to cross thin ice, you might as well dance." I've always loved that sentiment, and I tried to capture some of that in my poem.

I'm looking forward to sharing more poems, haven't written any in years, so I'm looking forward to the challenge!


Cynthia Schuerr said...

I love this Angie, it's a reminder that anything is possible and if you just keep at it, eventually, the walls fall.