Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trial. And Error.

by Jim Wisneski So worthless and broken a futile experience… Do all feel this cheated? Perhaps a turn of the clock. yes but how to measure the turn of the paper or the turn of the world, life, generations gap. Everything that was held spoken in tongues in a home voicenow just rustles against the air we breathe. Still strangers who once had names all the apologies sorted on the table... close your eyes and pick one – any one – just don’t tell for the sake of stepping back to go forward just seems plagued… like thrusting dreams into a star filled night sky. And then counting them. When innocence comes along. It’s taken away. Originally published on Jim's short story/poetry site Trial. And Error.

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Maria A. Kelly said...

Jim, this is a beautiful poem. It has such depth. And I love the rhythm of it. Wonderful!