Friday, March 19, 2010

Fractal in Love

Maria Kelly
Nature loves a strange attractor a chaotic set of repeating notations that explode in ecstasy outward from her center in lines and spirals and circles A paisley mathematics so beautiful in design that it is almost blinding As the vibrant colors engage they tickle the mind and delight the eye and leave me with burning questions: Do Mandelbrots and Julia Sets fall in love? Is this what it looks like when colors and patterns hold hands? Kiss deeply? Make mad, passionate love?


Cynthia Schuerr said...

Wow! Who knew that fractals of colors and shapes could be so damn HOT!

Michelle said...

Love it!!!

Maria A. Kelly said...

Fractals (and to a lesser degree, chaos theory) are passions of mine. My twitter page is a fractal sphere, a super cool 3-D fractal image that I tweaked to make a seamless tile background. It looks like a planet sporting a huge crop circle. I pretend it's a spaceport.

Thanks for commenting, ladies. Glad you liked it. :)