Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Short Tale of Two Hearts

by Jack Roth He loved her. So. She loved him. No. Their fingertips touched. Heat. The fire popped. Amber fly. She began to cry. Cold. He wished all the yesterday’s. Away. She welcomed all the tomorrow’s. Come. They pound the door. Unforgiving fists. He said understanding wasn’t. Welcome. She told him the pain was. Great. He wanted to know. Feel. She. Cut her heart out and handed it to him. Almost. Now he holds her. Heart. And her. Pain.


Jim_Wisneski said...


Thanks for sharing this. I like break between words. It finishes the sentence but also moves the story forward.


Michelle said...

interest - differnet - painful - well done

Maria A. Kelly said...

Very emotive. I like the herky-jerkiness of the sentence structure. I like the raw pain of it. Well done!