Wednesday, March 10, 2010


by VJ Maddox Tubes are coming out my arms, There's oxygen in my nose.... No one understands my pain, I think that's why it grows. The pain killers aren't working... My broken heart, they cannot heal. Because no matter what I say to you, You ignore everything I feel. I've begged you to come see me - But it's too much for you to do. Only dying flowers at my lonely bedside, And yet, none are from you. I know i'll get better with you here, Just one touch - a kiss on my cheek... Please just treat me like you used to - And not like some poor sick freak. I know you said you're coming here - I hope it's not another promise you won't keep. The nurse gives me a worried look... She calmly suggests I get some sleep. But I refuse to shut my eyes - Not until I've seen your face. And I hear you tell me, You'll rescue me from this place. I can't take much more of this - The pain, damn beeping of machines, My head is pounding constantly, And no one else hears the screams... I know I'm not crazy... I don't care what I hear them say. They're wrong, They lie - you'll show them... I know you'll come get me today... And suddenly, it hits me. The new drugs break through the haze. And all those lost memories... restored. Six days ago, my love - I killed you... I'm strapped down... padded walls... I'm in the Psychiatric Ward.


Laura Eno said...

Chilling! Well done!

Maria A. Kelly said...

Scary and very dramatic. Very nicely written!