Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aerobics for the Heart

by Cynthia Schuerr Why did you make me wait so long? Your little feet pattered with your arms overhead You looked up to touch my heart. It melted. Why did you make me wait so long? The wheels turned and without fault Off to a new world without me. My heart fluttered. Why did you make me wait so long? The aisle was white and the air was warm When you joined with her, two hearts in one Mine swelled Why did you make me wait so long? They chased after you when you left for work You bent down on one knee and said, “Daddy will be home soon.” You kissed their heads and hugged them tight They smiled wide and their eyes grew bright Why did you make me wait so long, my son? To see the man you would become.


Anne Tyler Lord said...

Oh, that is such a sweet poem. That is definitely a work-out for the heart. Makes me sad with my little 9 year old boy sitting near me right now - so bittersweet - each age they reach seems perfect, but you never want them to get older.


Michelle said...

Very touching.

Jim_Wisneski said...

Cindy -

Thanks for sharing. Very emotional. I like how it almost feels like a personal dialogue going on.


Laura Eno said...

As Anne said, bittersweet. They grow so quickly and yet sometimes it seems to take forever. :) You showed the different milestones in a touching way.

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Anne, thank you so much. It was a workout for my heart to write. :-) I often thought these words or similar ones when watching my son with his boys.

Michelle, I'm happy that you found it touching. I appreciate it so much.

Thank you Jim, for the platform to display not just my words, but my emotions, as well.

Laura, they do grow up so quickly, but we only see it as we're looking back. You are so right, it is bittersweet. I'm glad you enjoyed it.