Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Odd Memory

by Cynthia Schuerr Ouch! I still remember that certain day When my brothers and I wanted to play Inside the house we ran and yelled Hi ‘O Silver and then I fell. I tripped over the wire that ran across the floor And hit my head on the molding of the door The blood poured out as my brothers scattered Dad came running to see “What’s the matter”. He picked me up; Carried me through the door To the doctor’s office, for he was sure I would bleed to death, his little girl. Ice and a butterfly bandage was all it took To bring all of this to a halt Still, years later, I have that scar But, all I can remember is being Daddy’s Star.


Maria A. Kelly said...

I love it, lady! I'm glad this memory of physical pain was able to bring about such a fond recollection for you. Ouch, indeed! :)

Jim_Wisneski said...

This is wonderful Cindy. The memory of the scar is so perfect... everyone looks up to their Dad as their hero, as IronMan... this was a fun read.