Monday, May 17, 2010

NEW anthology... An Apocalyptic Anthology

Yes, you read that title right... this one is pretty sweet... but please note, this is NOT hosted by Soft Whispers... this anthology is in PRINT and is hosted by the awesome Living Dead Press and the editor is one of Soft Whispers biggest contributors, Rebecca Besser. When I heard about this one, not only did I start writing a story, but I told Becca I'd plug the anthology for her... I mean, come on, AN APOCALYPTIC ANTHOLOGY!!!!! Can't get much better than that! Anyways, here is what Becca asked me to say... Rebecca Besser is the editor for End of Days 4: An Apocalyptic Anthology by Living Dead Press, and she would like to invite anyone who is interested in submitting a story about the end of the world to check out the guidelines at: My advice to anyone reading this? Check out the guidelines and get writing... -Jim-

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