Monday, May 10, 2010

My Quicksand (part one)

by VJ Maddox I've been bending over backwards... And I just heard something break. I realize it's my heart, but too late. I can't rectify this mistake. The mistake of loving you, When you love yourself - so much more. I'm disgusted with myself... From all I chose to endure. The lies and infidelity - Everything hidden behind your smile. I ignored the whispers, the rumors... Sinking in the quicksand that was my denial. I don't know how long it really lasted - My ignorance... my bliss. I awoke from the dream, astonished. The truth concealed inside your kiss. The lips that touched mine were cold... Your passion gone - you were lamely automated. I stood there with the ghost of you, And felt tears fall - as all my dreams faded.

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