Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Love, My Wife

by Rebecca Besser I hold your hand, sitting beside your bed. They tell me that is hours you’ll be dead. I close my eyes and pray for you. I wish I could take this journey too. What will I do without you here? Will I drown all my sorrow with beer? We have made such a wonderful life. You are my soul, my beautiful wife. Breathing in, breathing out. I feel so much fear and doubt. Look at me. I won’t leave. I am here. Our silence shared with a single tear. Whatever happens right here, we’ll share it together, my dear. One moment, time stood still. It must have been an act of will. A gasping breath, eyes of shock. Death’s grip she no longer mocked. She left me then, gone somewhere. Without even a glimpse of a scare. That moment, I lost the love of my life. That intimate moment, I lost my wife.

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ganymeder said...

Tragic and lovely.