Monday, May 17, 2010

Dawn Breaks

by Rebecca Besser Thoughts of you flood my mind. Peace and rest, I can not find. I left the house, to seek relief. You torment my soul beyond belief. A happy dawn, my heart seeks. My mind of your ignorance reeks. You are callous to other’s pain. Full of yourself, pompous and vain. I wish I'd never heard your voice. If only I could change that single choice. My life would be better, without you. Your rudeness infects like the Swine Flu. You stretch out your hand to a friend. Only later, their life you will end. I walk for awhile and find peace. All thoughts of you, I finally release. I walk back to the house, finally free. As a beautiful dawn breaks over the sea.


Michelle said...

the ending is such a beautiful place - free, peaceful and released.

Jim_Wisneski said...


The emotion and imagery are great here. I can see someone walking outside right before dawn to clear their mind... I do this at night sometimes... just go for a walk, watch the stars, and let my mind "air out" a little.