Friday, April 9, 2010

Just something. . .

by Jim Wisneski I just checked the Soft Whispers calendar and there is nothing scheduled today! Oh no! No worries, it was all planned. I wanted to take the time to make a few announcements about some changes for Soft Whispers. It’s nothing big nor bad, but just little thing to hopefully help everyone enjoy the site more. I’ve realized that through my travels as Jim the writer, Jim the musician, and Jim “whatever I am that day” that I have met some great people and spoke with most of them. . . those who know me know how I am, know what I want, and know how I do thing. But those of you who don’t know me may not understand Soft Whispers and the projects I have here. And that is shame. . . but I’m going to fix it. Right now. For Soft Whispers, we have poetry, art, pictures, poetic fiction, A Line at a Time, Pic 1 k, and anthologies. Why so much? So everyone has something to submit to! Poetry is poetry. Write it. Send it. Art is art. Draw it. Send it. Pictures. . . just send them! Poetic fiction is fiction less than 100 words and doesn’t have names. Just a quick tidbit of a life. A Line at a Time – I post a picture and you think of a line and email it to me. Nobody see’s anyone else’s line(s) until the poem is released on the site. Pic 1 k – I post another picture and you write a 1,000 word or less story about the picture. Antho’s. . . are antho’s. Okay. That’s the quick run down. Now for the changes. . . or reminders. For Pic 1 k. I am going to expand this as of RIGHT NOW. I will accept poetry based on the picture posted. I want you to see the picture and then write something. ANYTHING. One line. One page. One thousand words. Also. . . ALL submissions will be put on the Soft Whispers site and most will be in the monthly issue. So have fun and experiment! Submissions open the 1st of every month and close on the 20th. Click here to go to April's Pic 1 k! I’ve been getting some emails asking about what I am looking for. This is my answer: ANYTHING! The purpose of Soft Whispers is to share our work with each and the world. I don’t care what it is. . . poetry, pictures, art, quick stories. JUST SEND IT! If by some chance it doesn’t fit or work, I’ll tell you. I’m always open for something new and different. And for the biggest news and/or reminder. . . YOU RETAIN ALL RIGHTS. I’m not sure if I cleared this up in the submissions part of the site or not (and if I didn’t I apologize) but you NEVER EVER lose your rights, not for one second. If you send me a poem and I put it on the site and then you send it off to someone else and they say it can’t be published elsewhere, tell me and I will remove your poem. If you have your poetry (or anything else) published elsewhere and you have the rights and want to share it on Soft Whispers, send it! I’m not greedy, I promise! I don’t want anyone to hesitate to send something and share it. I will not steal your rights. I will not force you to mention Soft Whispers if your work gets published elsewhere. And I will NEVER hold your work hostage! It’s your work and I just want to help you share it. That’s it. So, with that said, I want everyone to start sending away! Ready? GO! Oh, and before I sign out here. . . I want everyone to know that my Inbox is always open for comments and suggestions. See something you like? Tell me. See something you don’t like? Tell me. Want to just say hello and how cool I am? Tell me! :) Have a great weekend everyone! And keep writing! Jim


Cathy Olliffe said...

You ARE cool, by the way.
And great ideas! Especially love the "rights" thing.
You are a man in motion!

Laura Eno said...

You do so much for writers and artists. You're a very generous person, Jim!