Thursday, April 8, 2010

Current Regard for the Newly Not-so-Rich

by KJ Hannah Greenberg Wayfarers dismiss all manners of crossings, Involving gees, separate voices, Or the wealthy, dispossessed. Wanderers’ tough, social fabric, Taunt against recessions, Hedge off perdition successfully. That more moneyed souls, likewise, Are fenced from happy bog or fern Breaks no hobo’s diatribe. Further, those “sagacious” politicians Yet fail to share oil drum fires Around which simple men heat. Today’s trash out of McMansions All empty ice cream cartons, Inveterated backyard swimming pools, Dusty chandeliers, maybe hand-sewn carpets, Beats tom-toms taunt Against a unified presence. The middle class’ mourning song, too, Brooks no space for seasoned itinerates. Learning from the rich customs of the destitute, Not to make room for social “treasures,” The average Joe rejects Citizens with louche taste.


Carrie said...

A good study of the excessive vs the needy.

Jim_Wisneski said...

KJ -

Welcome to Soft Whispers! I really like this poem. It's funny because it really adds to the mindset I've been in the past couple weeks watching that line between "greedy and poor".

well done.


ganymeder said...

Quite the social commentary.Very thoughtful.

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Love the 3rd verse, KJ. I can visualize these properties sitting there unoccupied, unattended and just more than anyone really needs to be happy.

Welcome to Soft Whispers.

Kj Hannah Greenberg said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments :)