Thursday, April 1, 2010


3am The streetlights gleam Raindrop bokeh On my windowpane I hide under the sheets, Afraid to close my eyes A shadow passes beyond And I watch I wonder Is it you again Come back to haunt me? . I can see sometimes That the stars shine Through raging thunderclouds Are these raindrops? Are these my tears? . The lights Have abandoned me I stumble Over broken glass and dreams A black fog Fills this gutter I fell into Is it you Reaching out to me? The light blinds me Again. . Wiping grime off my face And blood off my fingers My gloves are ripped My hands dirty I look back Is it you there? A shadow follows me As I stagger away . I feel your heart stop under my fingers Your breath was lost a long time ago Sirens cut through The cold night air Crawls up my skin Paralyses my chest Fills me with silent screams . Despair I tried I believed I gave you everything I had I did this for you Now I am empty And lost . 3am And I hide under the weight Of misplaced dreams Raindrops Hit my window There are no streetlights A shadow Follows me Holds me close We have met before I pretend to sleep Away This life Where you and I Were never meant to be.


Aubrie said...

Excellent poem. The last line says it all and wraps the whole thing up nicely.

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Oh, she did him in. Can she live with it?

"I gave you everything I had
I did this for you"

Great poetic vibe!:-)

Michelle said...

oh wow - loved it - she was so under the weight, heavy beautifully done

Nishi said...

Aubrie: Hello and thank you for your comment. By the way, I must say, your website is really beautiful and inspiring. The doorway to a fantasy world, I am completely entranced by it :)


Hi Cynthia, Thank you for commenting. I can't begin to tell you how surprising your interpretation of the poem was and I utterly love your take. I think it's going to be my most favourite comment on any of my work for all time. I am writing a story based on this, so I can't give much away yet, but your thoughts have given me renewed inspiration!


Hi Michelle, Thank you for your lovely comment. The line about being under the weight of unfulfilled dreams, that is one of my favourite bits of the poem. I am always thrilled to find out how much feeling gets to the reader through the poem, hence your thoughts are gratifying.

P.S. I wish we could have nested replies. I don't know how to do that here in Blogger.