Friday, April 30, 2010

Get Me Out Of Here

by Michelle Dennis Evans The music pounding in my head This place too wretched to find a friend I’ll never ever find a place I’ll never ever show my face I’ll let this music blow my mind It’s loud and fierce to steal the time I know and want too much now I won’t find it in this town Just let me head south Words stuck in my mouth I want to scream I scream in my dreams I want to yell at you Don’t tell me what to do How could you misplace me? I tell you and you don’t see I’ll show you I can I’ll go live with my friend I’ll rule my own life I’ll keep out of strife Play this music I feel so sick I’m hiding my emotion I don’t want your attention Get me out of here Never leaving is my fear To you I have nothing to give I want out, I want to live

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