Monday, February 15, 2010

A Woman's Rites

by Cari Main Dear Woman I fear you've lost your senses All because you're in your Menses Going under the knife to hide the truth To bask in the magic from the Fountain of Youth Your lines will vanish, your lips will swell Perky breasts – so full of gel! You'll slide into a Designer 8 Come on girl – you're sexy bait. But it's got you obsessing and lusting for more You've gone and forgotten your very core The battle was lost Long before all the cost - We're linear designed and every year Another birthday isn't – something to fear You're here on Earth, but not for long So STOP and celebrate your own sweet song Don't fight with gravity – its too strong a force Your parts will sag and expand on the course So braid your crown of silver and white Find a Global issue for which to fight Please don't erase The lines on your face Open your heart and speak your mind “The Journey” truly, isn't a grind.


Sam W said...


Great poem! I agree that some women seem to take what they have and who they are for granted. You did such a good job putting that into words! Keep it up! :-)

Sam W

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - you have done so well with this poem. It really says it all.

Jim_Wisneski said...


Thanks for sharing. . . can't say I relate since I'm a man, but I can appreciate your message in the words here!

Well done.


Cynthia Schuerr said...

What Cari said........:-)

Seriously I love the rhythm of your poem and the message.