Monday, February 15, 2010

Comment tracking week of Feb 8-14

One of our loyal readers made a suggestion about suscribing to comments here with the site. I know some blog sites let you suscribe to a particular post where here I have it set so someone can suscribe to all the comments left. I should have done more research on my part before choosing a site to use for Soft Whispers, so I apologize to everyone for that. Now I know that if you have a Gmail address you can suscribe but anyone else can't. I personall think that's silly, but hey, the site is free so I better hush up! :) So here's my solution. Every Sunday night, my wonderful wife is going to build a report of the posts of the week before along with the number of comments left. Then I'm going to post it on Monday. This way you all can see what has been posted AND how many comments were left. Yes, I know this won't help with comments posted after the week's up or new comments, etc. . . but this is what I have figured for right now until I can get something else worked out! Also, if anyone knows a way to have ANYONE suscribe to certain post or has any suggestions to this, PLEASE let me know! I think it's great how many people comment on the work posted here and I would hate to see someone get a response and not know about it. With that said, here are the stats for last week: Listed as DATE, WORK PUBLISHED, NUMBER OF COMMENTS 2/8/2010 - Tears by Michelle Dennis Evans - 9 2/8/2010 - Track Us With our Calendar - 3 2/9/2010 - To Her Beauty by Mike Berger - 4 2/10/2010 - There Is by BD Hudison - 3 2/11/2010 - In Lie by Jack Roth - 3 2/12/2010 - It Snowed by Jim Wisneski - 3 2/12/2010 - My First Drawing by Derian Wisneski - 4 2/13/2010 - Deadly Love, Be Mine Anthology available - 12 2/14/2010 - ALAAT 12 Results - 1


David G Shrock said...

What about attaching a comment system like Disqus?

Allows logins via Google, Facebook, Twitter, openID, or Disqus. Anyone can subscribe to comments via mail or RSS. Also lets users keep track of their comments.

Laura Eno said...

I'm not understanding...all they have to do is hit the "subscribe by email" line below this box and they'll get all comments to this (or any individual) post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim, what if you change the comments to be a pop out box, then instead of clicking on 'subscribe by email', there is a box that you can tick to recieve 'follow up comments by email'.

Jim Bronyaur said...

Okay, I think have this all worked out now!

I received an email from a reader saying they wished they could suscribe to a certain post. I checked and blah blah blah it wasn't there but not it is. . . whatever!

But thank you for helping here with your comments!

I have the comments going into a popup box and hopefully people can suscribe if they want.

I'm still going to put up a report just to everyone could see how interactive this little site is and how much darn fun it is! :)

Thanks again,