Thursday, June 17, 2010


Laura Ebohon
I am steel
metallic matrix
strong alloy
solid solution
stainless. Water flows over
no sign left
only small drops
of fresh nothing
As I am made of steel
Flames can't burn me
I'm stainless cold
rust will not consume
my protected veins of light
reflected on the shining surface
as I am steel
and so is my heart...
heavy solid barrier of chromium
But... a unique melting point...
Sensational status
The elasticity of my bouncing soul...


Cynthia Schuerr said...

If only our hearts were made that way! Actually, I suppose there are some.........shiny, but cold.

Nice work, Laura!

Jack Varnell said...

Yet another fine piece of work from one of my favorite poets and people. Thanks for sharing Laura.

Anonymous said...

Yes @Cynthia... Or they pretend to be shiny & cold... It's easier, less painful and cooler, looking poised and in control at all times! These verses are words I tell myself sometimes like a sad fairy tale, self defense attempt...
Thank you so much for your kind comment!

@Jack Thank you... I really appreciate your words and precious support!

Jennyablue said...

Laura's poetry steals my heart of steel and melts it in her factory of love and meaning. xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny! Your words caress my soul every single time, Much Love to you my dear!

Robin said...

Incredible poem on so many levels... wow... I'll have to check in more often :)