Friday, June 11, 2010


Jim Wisneski

I sit more lonely
then the tomb of the unknown soldier,
reflecting on my life.
I close my eyes to hide from the world,
and I get lost,
in my minds cryptic labyrinth.

The intense atmosphere
wraps its somber arms around me.
It’s filled with creatures,
living in unison.
I’m confused,
like a child lost in a murky forest,
with the sullen trees glooming down.

I soon find a bright spotted a flower,
and I thirst its sweet nectar.
I drink as if it were my last drink,
my last peril into the illusion of life,
as to never wake again.

I then sit on an old,
rotted, brown tree stump,
and I absorb the cool, crisp air.
I discuss with nature, life,
but she quietly smiles,
and drifts away.

Then I am greeted by a foreign lizard woman,
with gold eyes,
and skin of a lime.
I begin to trouble the young luscious creature,
with many questions,
my life.
And I soon begin to realize that only I,
a pawn of life,
could answer these questions.
She finally speaks,
and guides me back home,
to reality.
I hate to leave,
as much as a child hates to leave
their playground at dusk.

I open my weary eyes,
still lonely,
and I smile. . .
for I am the victor,
of the labyrinth of life.


R said...

Imaginative, yet profound. :D

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Life can be daunting, but your words express the frame of mind it takes to deal with and handle it.
Very profound, indeed!:D

Jim Bronyaur said...

The crazy part about this poem is that I wrote it when I was 16!



Cynthia Schuerr said...

Wow, very heavy material for a 16 yr old, Jim. You must have an 'old soul'. Some people can see and feel things beyond their years.

R said...

That makes me want to dig out some of the poetry I wrote when I was a teen and submit it! LOL

If I can find it, that is....