Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Brass Balloon

Mikki Sadil

In the golden eye of yesterday

We did what all lovers do…

held each other too tight to breathe

And drowned in each other’s kisses.

And when we could talk again

we planned our lives

for fifty years and more.

But gold has a way of tarnishing

And yesterday has lost its beginning

and now our kisses are as cool and distant

as the February fog across the hill..

and when was the last time you held me

too tight to breathe?

Listen…I still love you…in a part of me

that always will…but I can’t go back to yesterday

any more, because, you see…

now there is tomorrow.

My tomorrow.

And yet, I cry. For you. For me. For us.

For all our yesterdays that somehow never

gave birth to tomorrow.

Listen…I had a thirst you didn’t want to share,

A self you didn’t want to know

and so, that golden moment of love

became a brass balloon

and drifted away.


R said...

WOW! Mikki, that was intense.


Maria A. Kelly said...

That was absolutely gorgeous. I love it!

claudette said...


You've said so much for those who didn't take the time to express that reality.

Excellent work, my friend. You always write such beautiful verse.

Denise said...