Friday, October 8, 2010

Soul's Rebirth... Rebecca Besser

(part 5 of 5 for feature week!)

If I were a thread, what could I weave?

Would it be anything that you would believe?

There is a sky. There is an earth.

Is there any more to this existence's berth?

Life expands. It reaches out.

Harboring, within and without, a field of doubt.

Deeper and farther, I seek to go.

What I am seeking is more than I know.

I seek the stars. I leave the earth.

In you, God, I find my soul's rebirth.

Take my life, take my all.

I will trust in you, and I will never fall.


Anonymous said...


This poem is beautiful and stunning. Thank you for coming and sharing this week us. Everything was so lovely.

JamesGC said...

Always love your work.