Thursday, October 7, 2010

Break the Thread... Rebecca Besser

(part 4 of 5 for feature week!)

In and out we weave, we weave.

Ourselves and other we deceive, deceive.

Lies we are taught to believe, believe.

Original thought not free to conceive, conceive.

People all want to control, control.

Tell you what to put in your bowl, bowl.

Tell you what to believe in your soul, soul.

Until they bury you in a hole, hole.

Will you break the thread, thread?

The one that controls your head, head.

When you’re laying alone in your bed, bed.

Thinking of what others have said, said.

Beyond what you now know, know.

There is information to show, show.

It tells you where you will go, go.

To Heaven or Hell by what you sow, sow.

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