Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Eden...

...by James Conway

(part 2 of 5 for feature week!)

Lost in the darkness of my mind

Believing I would never walk again in light

My world had crumbled leaving me exposed

Black feathered beasts circled, picking at my bones

I turned around to find you were still smiling

An angel's light to save me from my blindness

Fresh wounds making it hard to stop the bleeding

You took me away to heal in your Eden

The miles we swiftly put behind us

And I will never forget that act of kindness

As the days passed I began to feel stronger

The black cloud hanging over me no longer

I am sorry for every minute I was away

For every second I didn't truly see your face

Or the pain that was growing in your eyes

As you were forced to watch my spirit die

I love you my love, more than I can say

And I promise to treasure every day

And every breath, and every season

Knowing one day we will return to our Eden.

1 comment:

Claudsy said...

Wonderful! Such a great flow of thought and image.