Monday, July 5, 2010

My Quicksand (part two)

V.J. Maddox

So the fairytale had ended –
But the story, continued on.
I sunk deeper in my quicksand…
My will, my spirit – Broken. Gone.
I didn’t know you anymore,
But you didn’t seem to care.
I was suppose to adjust, and quickly.
No matter how unfair.
I clung to that faded dream…
The one of you and me.
It became a heavy weight upon my shoulders
A shroud wrapped tightly – suffocating me.
My broken heart… shattered.
There wasn’t much left to mend.
The crunch of the pieces under your feet, was deafening…
I tried to cover my ears – and pleaded for it to end.
I don’t know how I did it…
No one lent me a helping hand.
I climbed out of that god damn pit myself,
And somehow –
With as much pride that was left for me to command,
I wiped off the sludge surrounding me –
And I escaped the ghost of you.
My Love… My Life… My Quicksand.


ganymeder said...

That was incredible.

Maria A. Kelly said...

Wow. That was powerful!