Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st place winner for June's Pic 1 K.... Rebecca Besser and her poem THE TRAVELER.

What was the inspiration for your poem? And don't say the picture! Besides that...

Hmmm... I guess it would have to be that inside we are all travelers, as we seek our way through life. We are always looking for a path, safety, and the things we need to make it to the next day. The Traveler is all of us.

Okay, what's going on over at Living Dead Press these days?

Lots! There are a couple anthologies open. They are actively seeking children's halloween stories and Extreme Aquatic stories. Check out their submissions page for details.

End of Days 4 will be available really soon! Which we are BOTH in!

Also, LDP's first children's antho will be available soon. Which I'm in and edited. ;)

I read you have a submission goal for this year? What is it? How's it going?

Well, my goal this year was a submissions number. I wanted to submit at least 150 times this year. The more submissions you get out there, the more chances you have for a yes. So far this year I've been published a bunch! It seems to be working. ;) I'm currently at 110, and it's only half way through the year.

Unofficial goals were to get into an antho and get a novel done. I've been in a few anthos, so I made that one. Now I just have to work on the novel!

Do you think the world will end in 2012?

Nope. Just because we expect it to. :p

If you could meet one person - alive or dead - who would it be?

That was really easy for me, since I'm a Christian...... Jesus. Would love to meet him face to face. Can you ever imagine how AWESOME that would be? (Although, being a Christian, I've already meet him. hehehe)

Tell everyone again (in case they didn't read last month's interview) - where else can people find you?

Most of my info is on my website:

I'm also on Facebook!

AND... here's a teaser of the winning poem:

The vacant pinnacle stands erect on the horizon.

A sign of hope to the traveler.

Unused ground, decaying buildings in a row.

A sign of yesterday to the traveler.

To read Becca's winning poem check out the FREE Issue Six of Soft Whispers - check it out!

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