Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Autumn Rain

Katrina DeLallo

An autumn rain falls, kindling the world.

The golden sunset, caught in boughs of trees,
Darts through like arrow-shots of flaming dusk,
Illuminating autumn’s rushing breeze.
An evening mist lies o’er the shadowed field,
Shot through with spears of sunlight’s waning flame
A wind sings through the boughs of dark-cast pines,
And on its flowing song I hear your name.
A drizzling rain, like autumn turning white,
Cries from the clouds and frosts the meadow grass.
The oak tree shreds the sunset into flags,
And transforms shards of mist to sunset glass.
The gloaming dusk and mist conceal the ground,
My eyes are further blinded by my tears.
We only had a summer, you and I,
I’d wagered we’d have half a hundred years.
The oak tree stands, a sentinel for your grave,
And nothing that I do can ease my pain.
We’d plans and dreams, for children, love, and life,
But now I’ve nothing, only autumn rain.

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Claudsy said...

Ah, Cat, such beauty do you write with effortless muse and will delight. You painted your picture with words true and exact to create the brush strokes that color the page with the image of love lost and dreams shattered as sunbeams moving through trees onto the earth below.

Thank you for your lesson in painting. You did very well.

Cynthia Schuerr said...

Katrina, this is a beautiful but sad sentiment. It tugs at my heart. Lovely words!

Cat said...

Aw, thanks Claudsy and Cynthia. This was such a lovely photo, it demanded lovely words.

Cynthia, thank you so much. You are a sweetheart.

Sweet li'l Claudsy, thanks for such a compliment. It meant an awful lot to me. :-*

Marie Elena said...

BEAUTIFUL,Cat. What a creative mind you have, to visualize such a complete storyline through this one picture. EXCELLENT WORK.