Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...And we're back!

Yup, just like that... the site is ready to go. Like the minor updates to the look? I do. AND, I've made some changes to submissions because, well, the other submissions page was just plain crazy. Too many rules for a simple e-zine in my opinion. Not to repeat everything on the submissions page, but here is an idea of what has changed:
  • Soft Whispers will be doing feature weeks (biweekly) instead of posting things everyday. Feature weeks will be one or two authors sharing five pieces of work throughout the week. Poetry. Art. Short stories. Pictures.

  • Pic 1 k will be bimonthly with submissions being posted right to the Soft Whispers site.

  • A Line at a Time will be monthly instead of biweekly.
Please be sure to read the submissions page before submitting. And as always, if you have questions... bother me. I love it. Oh, that reminds me too - there's a new email address - SoftWhispersStuff@gmail.com AND we are starting our mailing list again. Sign up! First and foremost, the Pic 1 k will start today and end September 30, 2010. We're starting where we left off of last month since there were already two entries, you'll get an idea of what we're looking for. For the first feature week, it will be September 6 - 10 featuring myself and my dear friend from Italy, Laura Mercurio Ebohon. We are going to write poetry about the words LIFE, DEATH, and RESSURECTION. (You don't want to miss it!) With that said, submissions are open... flood the inbox! J

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